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Romuald Cominelli

Director of the hotel** Roi Soleil Amnéville-les-Thermes

From Lorraine, Romuald discovered very early a special interest for cooking.
This is how he began, after obtaining his high school diploma (French Baccalauréat), a hotel course with a cooking option.
After his studies, and for 5 years, he multiplies experiences in France and abroad, as a cook and then as a chef.

In 1994, he embarked on a great adventure with Laetitia, his wife: the purchase of a 55-seat restaurant in the French region: la “Meuse”, in Laheycourt.
However, the restaurant cannot be expanded, Romuald suffered from not being able to develop this business.

That’s why he decided, 7 years later, to sell the restaurant and look for a new challenge.
What a coincidence: a great opportunity come to the couple: participate in the opening of the hotel ** Roi Soleil Strasbourg Aéroport, and take the lead of it.

In 2006, he tries something different and leaves the group Roi Soleil to try a career change in real estate. Then, he takes care of the opening of a real estate agency in Strasbourg as a salesperson.

Housing crisis confirms his desire to return to his first love: the hotel industry.

Thanks to his wife, who is still at the head of the Strasbourg Airport hotel, he learns that the Roi Soleil group is looking for a confirmed director to take over operations of the hotel ** Roi Soleil located in Lorraine, in Amnéville-les-Thermes.
He then takes over, in 2008, the management of the establishment, which is now part, as well as the other 8 Roi Soleil hotels, Nehô hotel group.

What does he prefer in his job? Diversity of the clientele (leisure and business), team management and the conviviality that reigns in the Roi Soleil hotels.

His hobbies? Cycling, gardening and ballroom dancing, which he practices as soon as he has the opportunity.

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