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Françoise Gaume

General Manager Hotel*** Roi Soleil Prestige Colmar



As her father was performing his military service in Ethiopia, Françoise spent her first 3 years there.
After moving in Alsace then in Germany for 12 years, the family finally settled down permanently in Strasbourg.

Since her very young age, Françoise wanted to be like her father and become a teacher.
But in 1998, she started, by chance, a new reception training course. She was then alternating between her first experiences in reception at the Grand Hotel Concorde in Strasbourg and school.
It is a revelation for her, she was made for this job.
With her new diploma, she continued to work in reception at hotels in Strasbourg and Colmar such as Hôtel Amiral Bleu Marine.
Later, she joined the Campanile team in Colmar, where, thanks to her skills and her strong personality, she quickly moved to the position of Executive Assistant. This promotion allowed her to discover for the first time responsibilities, versatility, and staff management as well.

In 2008, Françoise was looking for a new challenge and wanted to develop her catering skills to complete her hotel career and, if the opportunity would arise, to manage a hotel-restaurant.
This is how she joined a company restaurant in where she was in charge of management and cooking.
In 2010, her career took a new turn: one of her friends informed her about the opening of a new establishment, the hotel *** Roi Soleil Prestige Colmar where she applied and got the position of Assistant Manager.
Five years later, her efforts were noticed and she was offered a position of Manager at the Roi Soleil** Strasbourg Holtzheim hotel,  she accepted without hesitation.

Françoise loves everything in her job, but she particularly enjoys creating privileged relationships with her guests ! She would do anything to make them feel at home.

In June 2018, a general manager position was released in the establishment where she started her carreer, and for which she has a particular attachment : the hotel *** Roi Soleil Prestige Colmar.
The Roi Soleil had joined the NEHÔ group in 2017, the General Manager needed a person of confidence to manage this hotel, and Françoise was naturally offered the position  as she had been devoted in the group for 7 years.

Her hobbies include weeekly fencing and cooking.
Françoise is very close to her family and she spends as much time as possible with her husband and two boys, for long walks or sports.





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