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Julien Helbling, Assistant Manager of Hotel**** Roi Soleil Prestige Saint-Avold


Native of Saint-Avold, Julien was quite young when he used to help his grandmother for family meals, as he was particularly in charge of the service.

It was only later that his taste for cocktails making and event organization led him to follow hospitality courses.

At the age of 19, after obtaining his professional baccalaureate in Hospitality, Julien decides to follow on with studies in Metz in order to obtain a technical baccalaureate in Hospitality.

But Julien was not satisfied with this new adventure as he didn’t manage to adapt neither to the studies nor to the city.

He realizes that the degree he was preparing doesn’t give him the opportunity to thrive in a hotel establishment, which wasn’t the case of the previous training he had.

One of his friends, who was aware of this situation, suggested a career attempt in river cruises in a family-owned company in which he works and that has about twenty ships. He sings the praises of this career and manages to convince him.

That’s how Julien decided to pursue in this career, as he was determined to learn from this experience.

He started his career as a waiter and rose quickly to the position of barman and then an animator, before becoming a purser after 8 years at the age of 26.
The last occupied position allowed him to discover some missions that can be similar to the ones of a hotel manager: staff management, inventory management, excursions sales, etc….

He sailed for 5 years of the French rivers before having a little break in order to improve his English level in London where he used to work as a waiter for a year.
When he came back, he was given a ship that was sailing to European cities, particularly in Spain and Portugal.

After 9 years of dedication, he decided to leave the cruises sector in order to take up a new challenge on the mainland.

One of his friends informed him of a position of assistant manager to be filled in a new establishment that was going to open in Saint-Avold: The Hotel*** Roi Soleil Prestige Saint-Avold (which won its 4th star in 2019)

He immediately applied but the opportunity was no longer available, however his was offer a position of front office agent, which he accepted in 2013, provided that the position of assistant manager was reserved for him as soon as it’s free.

Two years later, the hotel manager held his commitments and offered Julien the position of assistant manager which he accepted without hesitation.
Since then, Julien has flourished in his functions.

The contact with customers, the organization of work and the management of the establishment are the things that he enjoys the most.

During his free time, he practices several times a week outdoors: running and runfit (mix between running and fitness). Moreover, he occasionally practices swimming, cycling and Taïbo (fitness and combat)

Julien is part of the sport team that brings together employees of Roi Soleil establishments who wish to share this same passion.

Together, they participated in the Colmar Half Marathon (21km).

Julien is also a traveler at heart who have already been to several countries including Senegal, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

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