Julien Helbling, Assistant Manager of Hotel**** Roi Soleil Prestige Saint-Avold

27th June, 2019 / Non classé

Julien Helbling, Assistant Manager of Hotel**** Roi Soleil Prestige Saint-Avold


Native of Saint-Avold, Julien was quite young when he used to help his grandmother for family meals, as he was particularly in charge of the service.

It was only later that his taste for cocktails making and event organization led him to follow hospitality courses.

At the age of 19, after obtaining his professional baccalaureate in Hospitality, Julien decides to follow on with studies in Metz in order to obtain a technical baccalaureate in Hospitality.

But Julien was not satisfied with this new adventure as he didn’t manage to adapt neither to the studies nor to the city.

He realizes that the degree he was preparing doesn’t give him the opportunity to thrive in a hotel establishment, which wasn’t the case of the previous training he had.

One of his friends, who was aware of this situation, suggested a career attempt in river cruises in a family-owned company in which he works and that has about twenty ships. He sings the praises of this career and manages to convince him.

That’s how Julien decided to pursue in this career, as he was determined to learn from this experience.

He started his career as a waiter and rose quickly to the position of barman and then an animator, before becoming a purser after 8 years at the age of 26.
The last occupied position allowed him to discover some missions that can be similar to the ones of a hotel manager: staff management, inventory management, excursions sales, etc….

He sailed for 5 years of the French rivers before having a little break in order to improve his English level in London where he used to work as a waiter for a year.
When he came back, he was given a ship that was sailing to European cities, particularly in Spain and Portugal.

After 9 years of dedication, he decided to leave the cruises sector in order to take up a new challenge on the mainland.

One of his friends informed him of a position of assistant manager to be filled in a new establishment that was going to open in Saint-Avold: The Hotel*** Roi Soleil Prestige Saint-Avold (which won its 4th star in 2019)

He immediately applied but the opportunity was no longer available, however his was offer a position of front office agent, which he accepted in 2013, provided that the position of assistant manager was reserved for him as soon as it’s free.

Two years later, the hotel manager held his commitments and offered Julien the position of assistant manager which he accepted without hesitation.
Since then, Julien has flourished in his functions.

The contact with customers, the organization of work and the management of the establishment are the things that he enjoys the most.

During his free time, he practices several times a week outdoors: running and runfit (mix between running and fitness). Moreover, he occasionally practices swimming, cycling and Taïbo (fitness and combat)

Julien is part of the sport team that brings together employees of Roi Soleil establishments who wish to share this same passion.

Together, they participated in the Colmar Half Marathon (21km).

Julien is also a traveler at heart who have already been to several countries including Senegal, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Raphaël Cosse, General Manager Hotel** Roi Soleil Mundolsheim

3rd April, 2019 / Non classé

Raphaël Cosse, General Manager Hotel** Roi Soleil Mundolsheim


Raphaël started his career in the restaurant industry. It was his uncle, a cook, who inspired him very early to embark on this adventure.
However, he quickly understood that this field wasn’t made for him, as he needed contact. Thus, he took over his studies and added a string to his bow by obtaining a BTS in Hospitality.
His first internship in this field as a receptionist at the Park Hôtel du Casino **** in Aix les Bains was a revelation for him: he finally found his way.

After completing his studies, as he wanted to improve his German, he decided to move for a year to Munich where he learned the trade of concierge in a 5* establishment.
As he loved Paris since his childhood, he naturally put his bags in the city as soon as he returned to France, and entered the hotel chain InterContinental, as a customer service agent, then an individual booking agent.
As luck would have it, he casually found an announcement from the Hilton Strasbourg hotel that was looking for a Shift Commander, while the InterContinental in which he was working was about to close for a lengthy renovation period.
This is how he returned to his native region, the Alsace.

His involvement and his rigor allowed him to quickly evolve to the position of Front Desk Manager Assistant , and he was entrusted with the heavy task of training teams to the use of the hotel software Fidelio.
In 2005, Raphaël changed positions internally and became coordinator of conferences and banquets.

But his experience as trainer gave him new desires, as he has the desire to spread his knowledge. Thanks to the word of mouth, he joined Logi Diffusion in 2006 as trainer and installer, in the East of France, of the hotel software Vega.
He held this position for 12 years, but his childhood dream never left him: he wanted to be a hotel manager one day!

That’s why he took his fate in hand in 2017 as he sent a spontaneous application to the Roi Soleil Hotels, taken over by the NEHÔ group the same year, unfortunately there was no vacant job.
A year later, his CV did not go unnoticed, as he was contacted again and joined the large family of Roi Soleil Hotels, taking the heading of the establishment located in Strasbourg Mundolsheim.
Keen on his job and trainer at heart, he puts all his skills at the service of his clients and his teams.

His hobbies? there is a lot to say because as you have read, Raphaël is eager for knowledge and very curious. He loves skiing, oenology, music (you’better not face him during a blindtest, the whole NEHÔ team could testify!) and of course taking care of his two children.


Françoise Gaume – General Manager Hotel *** Roi Soleil Prestige Colmar

13th September, 2018 / Non classé

Françoise Gaume

General Manager Hotel*** Roi Soleil Prestige Colmar



As her father was performing his military service in Ethiopia, Françoise spent her first 3 years there.
After moving in Alsace then in Germany for 12 years, the family finally settled down permanently in Strasbourg.

Since her very young age, Françoise wanted to be like her father and become a teacher.
But in 1998, she started, by chance, a new reception training course. She was then alternating between her first experiences in reception at the Grand Hotel Concorde in Strasbourg and school.
It is a revelation for her, she was made for this job.
With her new diploma, she continued to work in reception at hotels in Strasbourg and Colmar such as Hôtel Amiral Bleu Marine.
Later, she joined the Campanile team in Colmar, where, thanks to her skills and her strong personality, she quickly moved to the position of Executive Assistant. This promotion allowed her to discover for the first time responsibilities, versatility, and staff management as well.

In 2008, Françoise was looking for a new challenge and wanted to develop her catering skills to complete her hotel career and, if the opportunity would arise, to manage a hotel-restaurant.
This is how she joined a company restaurant in where she was in charge of management and cooking.
In 2010, her career took a new turn: one of her friends informed her about the opening of a new establishment, the hotel *** Roi Soleil Prestige Colmar where she applied and got the position of Assistant Manager.
Five years later, her efforts were noticed and she was offered a position of Manager at the Roi Soleil** Strasbourg Holtzheim hotel,  she accepted without hesitation.

Françoise loves everything in her job, but she particularly enjoys creating privileged relationships with her guests ! She would do anything to make them feel at home.

In June 2018, a general manager position was released in the establishment where she started her carreer, and for which she has a particular attachment : the hotel *** Roi Soleil Prestige Colmar.
The Roi Soleil had joined the NEHÔ group in 2017, the General Manager needed a person of confidence to manage this hotel, and Françoise was naturally offered the position  as she had been devoted in the group for 7 years.

Her hobbies include weeekly fencing and cooking.
Françoise is very close to her family and she spends as much time as possible with her husband and two boys, for long walks or sports.





Romuald Cominelli – General Manager of Amneville

24th May, 2018 / Non classé

Romuald Cominelli

Director of the hotel** Roi Soleil Amnéville-les-Thermes

From Lorraine, Romuald discovered very early a special interest for cooking.
This is how he began, after obtaining his high school diploma (French Baccalauréat), a hotel course with a cooking option.
After his studies, and for 5 years, he multiplies experiences in France and abroad, as a cook and then as a chef.

In 1994, he embarked on a great adventure with Laetitia, his wife: the purchase of a 55-seat restaurant in the French region: la “Meuse”, in Laheycourt.
However, the restaurant cannot be expanded, Romuald suffered from not being able to develop this business.

That’s why he decided, 7 years later, to sell the restaurant and look for a new challenge.
What a coincidence: a great opportunity come to the couple: participate in the opening of the hotel ** Roi Soleil Strasbourg Aéroport, and take the lead of it.

In 2006, he tries something different and leaves the group Roi Soleil to try a career change in real estate. Then, he takes care of the opening of a real estate agency in Strasbourg as a salesperson.

Housing crisis confirms his desire to return to his first love: the hotel industry.

Thanks to his wife, who is still at the head of the Strasbourg Airport hotel, he learns that the Roi Soleil group is looking for a confirmed director to take over operations of the hotel ** Roi Soleil located in Lorraine, in Amnéville-les-Thermes.
He then takes over, in 2008, the management of the establishment, which is now part, as well as the other 8 Roi Soleil hotels, Nehô hotel group.

What does he prefer in his job? Diversity of the clientele (leisure and business), team management and the conviviality that reigns in the Roi Soleil hotels.

His hobbies? Cycling, gardening and ballroom dancing, which he practices as soon as he has the opportunity.


12th April, 2018 / Non classé


From Colmar, François began studying law in 2004. After his graduation, he realizes law wasn’t made for him and he could not grow in this field.

Having an interest in food industry, he decided to change his career plans to study hotel business.

After an upgrading year, he was able to integrate and validate a master’s degree in management and hotel-restaurant production.

During this degree, François performed many internships and discovered many facets of the field: housekeeping, seminaries service and banquets, catering…
In 2009, he joined Hyatt Regency Paris Charles de Gaulle hotel teams in Paris as a restaurant / bar and room service supervisor.
Dynamic and motivated, the internal training offered (Hotel Management Training) allows him to gain skills and evolve very quickly: a year later, he becomes seminars and banquets supervisor.

Then he moved to the head of the room service at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme.
In 2012, François took up a new challenge: he left the hotel business and returned to Entzheim  (Alsace), to take care of management and supply of stocks in a social and associative cooking company: Pepper Salt and Bout’chou.

After 4-years of enriching experience, he decide to take 2-years off dedicated to his hobbies: music and photography.
Since he is 12, François is passionate about music and especially rock. He regularly gives concerts with his bands, on bass (more than 400 concerts in France and Europe and 5 albums), and has even set up his independent rock music label which allowed him to produce his own groups and organize concerts. He also dedicated his spare time to his second passion: photography, which he still practice as soon as his schedule allows him. Self-taught person, he learns by doing and regularly organizes exhibitions. He even manages to combine his two hobbies since he is regularly asked to photograph concerts of local and international groups, which allows him to expand his network and relay his photos to as many people possible.
Early 2018, he feels the desire to return to his first love: hotel business. He then joined hotel Roi Soleil ** Strasbourg Airport, part of Nehô group, as a versatile receptionist.

He found what he was looking for, service spirit and human contact. He is where he should be in the hotel and feels traveling with his clients every day.